Bath Lifts v Walk in Baths

Bath Lifts v Walk in Baths

Looking at your options to get in the bath and enjoy a jolly good soak again. Here is a brief comparison of bath lifts v walk in baths, let’s go head to head comparing our product to a walk In baths.

How easily are they to Install?

Walk In Bath:  This will involve removing your existing bath and installing a new one.   In most cases installation is easy and can have you bathing again within 7-14 days and usually our products can fitted within an hour.

Can I use the bath just like I used to?

Walk in Bath:  Unfortunately you can only fill the bath once you are in it and can only exit the bath once the water has been emptied. This can leave the user vulnerable to getting cold after use.  Yes you can use the bath almost as you used to previously.


What is the cost difference?

Walk in Bath: In most cases you will be looking to budget between £7,000 and £10,000. Under £2000.


Can the product be easily removed if I move home?

Walk in Bath:   No, it’s a permanent fixture. Yes, it can be removed and reinstalled at your new home by one of our experienced factory trained fitters.


Can i lay flat in my bath and stretch out ?

Walk in bath: Unless you go for the very expensive option you will more than likely only be able to sit upright in your bath. You can add some Epsom salts, bubble bath, or essential oils, and stretch out until your hearts content.


So the benefits of a product over a Walk In Bath is clear to see…

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