Bathlift Battery Powered Technology

Bathlift Battery Powered Technology

At we can offer you the best of both worlds, because of the extra power required to get our unique second phase belt tightening at the pinnacle of the lift in the past we only offered our Mains operated system.

The mains operated system is still available as part of our range, and there are some customers who prefer this as there is no taking out and charging of the battery. The down side of the mains unit is simply that there is some extra wiring, and a transformer in an adjacent room or hallway.

The Bath-Knight just got better with our latest battery model, unlike the old fashioned alkaline battery which lacks power and is somewhat heavy and cumbersome, can be extremely difficult to remove and have been known to damage baths when dropped.

The new star of the show is the latest in Li-ion battery technology, its the lightest and most powerful removable battery that we could find on the market. Remarkably this battery packs a punch with up to 40 lifts before requiring a recharge, and you can hold it lightly in one hand as it weighs in at only 410g, and for those of you who still like imperial measurements that’s less than a pound.

At Bathlifts we offer the only Bath Lift available that stays taut at the top of the bath allowing you to get on and off safely.

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